Advanced Design Features

Now that you've got the basics of Design-tool, it's time to start using a few of our advanced features.

Adding Lines

To use the line tool:

  1. Open any new or existing Design screen
  2. Click on the pink line icon towards the top left-hand corner
  3. Click and drag your mouse across your screen to create a new line
  4. You can rotate and reposition the line by dragging its edge or you can use the controls on the right-hand panel to change its dimensions
  5. You can also use the right-hand panel to change the colour, thickness, opacity and style of the line (dashed, solid or dotted)


Using Groups

Grouping elements take a bunch of separate elements and makes them one. It is a efficient way to change sizing, colours & alignment of several elements at once.

To group elements:

  1. Open any new or existing Design screen
  2. Select multiple elements by click and drag over the elements you would like to select.
  3. Select group on the right-hand menu
  4. If you move the grouped items, they should behave as if they're one single element 


Image Masking

Simply paste your image into the shape you want. There are two ways you can do this:

Drop an image from your computer directly on top of the shape

Or by using CMD/CTRL X to cut the image before clicking the shape and hitting CMD/CTRL V to paste the image directly into the shape

Rotating Elements

You can now rotate elements using the Design tool to give you even greater control over the layout of your designs.

Rotating is currently supported for rectangles/squares, circles/ovals, images, icons and groups. We're working on adding support for rotating text!

To rotate an element:

  1. Open a new or existing Design screen 
  2. Click on any element to select it
  3. Use the up and down arrows on the right-hand menu to change the rotation 



Pro tip: Have you got a computer with a lower resolution?

Computer's with an older resolution may not see opacity or radius until you click 'Tab' and 'shift' on your keyboard.

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