View properties and values inside Handoff

The handoff tool is great for team collaboration as it gives you greater control over how your designs are converted to code. Find out about each of the values and properties available in the spec:

Artboard Dimensions
Displays the precise width and height of the artboard

Document colours
A list of colours defined in the Sketch file, click to copy the value to your clipboard


Displays the grid information in the Sketch file

Hovering over an element shows you the measurements in relation to the edge of the screen and in relation to other objects on the screen.


A list of all fonts used within the screen. Includes typeface, size, weight, spacing and alignment


Shapes and images 
Includes width, height and X/Y coordinates of the element 


Grab the colour, opacity, X/Y coordinates, blur and spread of shadows

Download any fill images or view the colour

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