Setting up your Company Account

We've made it easier to make your Marvel your own, and add some personal touches. Our company branding feature allows you to add your own logo, company name, a custom loading screen and lock your projects to company members only.

This is perfect for keeping your Marvel account in sync with your own brand and also looks great when sending clients your prototypes to view. 



To access the company branding feature:

Login in to your Marvel account > head to your company/people section > click on the settings icon in the top right-hand corner


 Add your own company logo

  1. Go to your company settings 
  2. Hover over the company avatar/logo placeholder 
  3. Click and select the logo 
  4. Hit the save your changes button 

Add your company name

  1. Go to your company settings
  2. Under the company name section, enter your company name
  3. Hit the save your changes button 

Create a custom loading screen 

You can create your own custom loading screen by setting a background colour and an image. 

  1. Go to your company settings 
  2. Head to loading screen and background colour image
  3. Click on the colour picker - you can either use one of the pre-set colours or use your company's custom shade
  4. Click on the image placeholder on the right and choose the image you'd like to set for the loading screen 


Who can edit company branding?

  • You'll need to be the owner or an admin on the Company plan 
  • Please note, this feature is currently only available on newer company accounts. We're working on enabling  this for older company plans. Please contact us at with any questions around this 

Lock company prototypes

You can now improve security across your team and restrict access to your projects to only users who are logged in as part of your company plan. To enable this:

  1. Go to your company settings
  2. Set the 'require users to login to view prototypes' toggle to on
  3. Hit the save your changes button 

Getting set up with Open Collaboration

We've made it easier than ever to share projects with your entire company. You can now see exactly what your teams are working on and check progress in real-time. You no longer have to add team members as collaborators on every project you want to share with them - give the entire company complete visibility in a single click!

All new Projects by default are created as company projects 

When users on your plan create a new project, by default, they'll be created as company projects. If you'd like to create it as a private project, you can do this by untoggling the Company Project option within the project's settings. Create_Project.png

If you have an existing project which is currently private, you can share it with your entire team by changing it to a company project:

  1. Open your project
  2. Head to project settings (the cog icon in the top right-hand corner)
  3. Select the general tab
  4. Toggle Company Prototype 
  5. This project will now be visible to your entire company 



Improved project Organisation

Your own private projects and company projects are on separate tabs. The tabs are at the top of your project list. This gives  you instant access to what your team are working on and also enables you to keep your own projects private. 


Join any project to get updates

Join a project to get updates for all the latest events on the projects such as comments and changes to content. You'll also be able to edit any projects you join, depending on your user role within the company. Find out about user roles here.

To join a project, simply hover over the project thumbnail > options > join project 


Any company projects which you've joined will also appear in your private project list and have a green tick next to the project name to indicate you've joined it. You'll need to join a project before you can edit it. 


Removing a person from your plan? Their company projects are safe. 

If you remove a person from your plan, their company projects will automatically convert to become owned by the project owner.


Interested in our premium features? Check out our plans page.