Downloading assets using the Handoff

If you use Marvel's Design tool

No need to lift a finger! Each asset is automatically generated for export.

If you use Sketch

Handoff allows you to download any asset from your design. In order to download assets in various formats/sizes, you'll first need to mark those assets as exportable within Sketch. View the Sketch guidance on this.


 If in Sketch, you mark an asset as exportable as png and as svg, we'll give you the option to download both of these formats in the Handoff tool. 

You can export the same element in multiple sizes e.g. 1x, 2x etc. and we will have all of those available to download individually and as a ZIP. This is great, as it allows you to ensure icons and images will look crisp across different screens and devices, and developers have easy access to all the assets.

To download an asset


  1. Click on the Handoff button in the bottom left-hand corner of your screen
  2. In the Handoff menu on the right, switch to the assets tab
  3. Download any individual asset by clicking on the download button directly underneath the image of the asset
  4. Alternatively, you can download all available assets for this screen by hitting the download all screen assets button - this will download a ZIP file with all all the assets from that screen. To access the assets, open your download folder, find and double-click on the ZIP file to unzip all the individual assets. 


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