What is Open Collaboration?

What is Open Collaboration?

We've made it easier than ever to share projects with your entire company. You can now see exactly what your teams are working on and check progress in real-time. You no longer have to add team members as collaborators on every project you want to share with them - give the entire company complete visibility in a single click!

All new Projects by default are created as company projects 

When users on your plan create a new project, by default, they'll be created as company projects. If you'd like to create it as a private project, you can do this by untoggling the Company Project option. Find out more about this here.


Improved project Organisation

Your own private projects and company projects are on separate tabs. The tabs are at the top of your project list. This gives  you instant access to what your team are working on and also enables you to keep your own projects private. 


Join any project to get updates

Join a project to get updates for all the latest events on the projects such as comments and changes to content. You'll also be able to edit any projects you join, depending on your user role within the company. Find out about user roles here.

To join a project, simply hover over the project thumbnail > options > join project 


Any company projects which you've joined will also appear in your private project list and have a green tick next to the project name to indicate you've joined it. You'll need to join a project before you can edit it. Read more about editing a company project here.




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