How do I add links and transitions using the Android app?

To link your screens in the Android app:

  1. Tap the screen you would like to begin with, this will open the screen into the prototype Editor
  2. In the Editor, tap anywhere on the screen to add a Hotspot. A Hotspot is the interactive part of the screen which will allow someone to move between screens and navigate your prototype
  3. The Hotspot will show up in red, you can move this to any area on your screen and resize and reshape this too
  4. Once you are happy, tap Link
  5. Choose the destination screen - this is the screen you want the Hotspot to transition to
  6. A green tick will appear when the destination screen has been selected
  7. Next choose your Transition
  8. When you are happy with your choices, select the tick in the top right corner - your Hotspot should now be in green
  9. You can continue adding Hotspots to your screens in the same way by tapping the arrows on either side of the image in the Editor
  10. Tap the back button in the top left of the Editor to take you back to your prototype overview


Now your prototype is linked, you can play your prototype and bring it to life!

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