My Sketch artboards are creating duplicates when uploaded to Marvel

Our plugin for Sketch allows you to sync your artboards directly between Sketch and Marvel, saving you time.

If your artboards are being duplicated when sent to Marvel, there are a few things you can check:

Which version of Sketch are you using?

Previous releases of Sketch had a bug which meant artboards which were copied were given the same project ID, creating duplicates when uploaded to Marvel. Check your Sketch app to make sure you're on the latest release.

Have you created multiple versions of the same project within Marvel?

If you've copied a project within Marvel and are trying to sync your artboards to the copied version, this will break the sync. It's best to sync to the same original project.

Have you created copies of arboards within Sketch and given them the same name?

Artboards in Sketch are given a unique project ID, which we use to sync files when you update your artboards. If you create a copy of an artboard within Sketch, it won't sync even if the copies have the same name. You'll need to edit the original arboard and sync that to Marvel.




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