Can users enter their information into my prototype?

Marvel doesn't natively support live data. This means it's not possible for users to enter information such as text or numbers directly into a prototype, but we have some great workarounds for you:

  1. You can link your Typeforms directly into your Marvel prototype to capture user information. To do this, just grab the url for the Typeform > open your Marvel project > hover over any image and click view > click and drag your mouse to create a Hotspot > select link to URL or embed > paste your Typeform url
  2. It's also possible to add a link to a mail chimp sign-up form if you'd like to subscribe users who view your prototype to your mailing list
  3. Alternatively, if you don't actually need to capture any data but want to show what the process would look like, you can create screens which show the flow of how your app would work if users entered data

View the Home Away prototype to see an example of a sign-up flow:




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