Designing with our iOS app

Don't let an internet connection kill your productivity - you can design on-the-go with our iOS app.

Create a design screen:

  1. Head into your project 
  2. Click the + symbol
  3. Choose 'design' 

Adding Elements to your screen

Once inside your design screen, you should see a tool bar along the bottom. Use these buttons to add text, shapes, uploaded images, stock images, icons and drawings to your design screen.

You can easily duplicate your elements to save time by tapping and holding on the element 

To edit a Design screen which was created on the iOS app:

  1. Head to your project list (the first tab in the app)
  2. Open your project by tapping on the thumbnail image for your project
  3. Tap on the screen you want to edit
  4. Tap on the 3 dots at the top > select Edit Design
  5. Make your changes

To delete an element from your design screen:

  1. Tap on your project to open it
  2. Tap on the screen you want to delete the element from
  3. Hit the 3 dots at the top of the screen > edit design 
  4. Double tap on an element to select it > at the bottom of the screen, there's a menu > scroll to the right of the menu and select the trash can icon to delete the element 

Note: Designs made on the web are not editable on iOS.


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