Wireframing with Marvel

Marvel's Design tool has a ton of UI elements that you can use to quickly mock-up a sophisticated project.

To add a wireframe element to your screen: 

  1. Open your project and hit the Design button to create a new canvas > click on the purple assets icon 
  2. Under wireframes choose iPhone / Android / Web / Apple TV / Apple Watch > either select one of the assets or enter a search term
  3. Click Add to add it to your design!


The great thing about our assets is that they're fully customisable, meaning you can change an asset to suit the look and feel of your project. 

To customise a wireframe asset:

  1. Once the asset has been added to your Design screen, double click on it > you'll be able to double click on each element within an asset to individually change each item.
  2. You'll now be able to edit the individual components. Click on the component you want to edit > use the customisation settings on the right-hand side to edit it >
  3. Changes to the asset are automatically saved when you click outside the asset group 

Interested in our premium features? Check out our plans page.